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3 ways to find
low-cost stays

Direct swap

You swap homes with another member -  they stay at yours while you stay at theirs

Stay for StayCredits™

You stay at a member's home while they are away in exchange for StayCredits™

Stay as a pet sitter

You stay at a member's home while you look after their pet

StayCredits allow you to book vacant homes.

Earn them by inviting your friends or by hosting.

$5M of home and belonging protection
Every trip includes our host guarantee, for peace of mind.

How about an example?

You & Lisa swap homes for 2 weeks -
Welcome to Paris! 🥐

Swap with Swapdesk
For 14 nights
Includes Home & belonging assurance protection
Book a rental home
For 14 nights
$220/night to rent
+18% service fee

Live a life you don't need
a vacation from.

Work-ready homes keep you productive.

Boost energy & creativity in your work/life balance.

Stay for longer & save money compared to Airbnb or hotels.

Instantly live and work like a local in a new city.

Great for individuals, couples, families & groups.

Meet members with similar interests & values.

How it works


Add your home

Once added, you'll gain access to the exclusive Swapdesk network of member homes!


Connect with other members

We recommend that both members connect over a video call 📞 where you can finalize check-in/out dates or other details.


Bon Voyage!

Just pay the nightly fee (includes home & belonging assurance protection) and you've saved yourself both time ⏲️ & money 💰.

What our members say

“We saved so much money, and we really got a chance to live like locals. We found a place that my entire family loved!
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Sales manager at Gartner
A picture of a blonde woman smiling
“Swapdesk is super easy to use and I love that it's filled with trusted professionals, so you know you're in good company.”


Senior Success Manager at Salesforce
“Went to Copenhagen from Madrid and saved a lot of money as I didn’t have to pay for accommodation. Platform is easy to use & trustworthy.”


Lead Analyst at Salesforce


1 year of UNLIMITED exchangesOnly pay when you find a stay you want to enquire about
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