The exclusive currency for seamless travel on Swapdesk, enabling you to book affordable accommodations without a direct home swap.


1 night stay = 10 StayCredits™

Every member's home is valued at 10 StayCredits™ per night.

For example: A 7-night stay at Rebecca's home in New York City will cost 70 StayCredits™.


Earn StayCredits™

Earn StayCredits™ when you host a member at your home.

For example: When Joe is out of town, he hosts a member at his home and earns 10 StayCredits™ per night.


Spend StayCredits™

Spend StayCredits™ when you stay at a member's home.

For example: When Sara is ready to book her next trip, she spends the StayCredits™ she earned instead of paying for accommodations.


Why are all homes valued at 10 StayCredits™ per night?
Swapdesk is a community, not a marketplace.

Using the same value for all member homes eliminates the need for price comparisons. This system is intended to promote equitable exchanges, and provides members with a transparent, affordable option for travel accommodation.
How can I get more StayCredits™?
The best way to get StayCredits™ is to earn them when you host a member at your home.

However, we also reward members when they complete certain achievements:

1️⃣ When a member finishes their profile, we award them 10 StayCredits™

2️⃣ When a member publishes their listing, we award them 20 StayCredits™

3️⃣ When a member refers friends or colleagues using their unique code, we award them 10 StayCredits™ (Learn about our current referral program offer)

Coming soon: Members will have an opportunity to purchase StayCredits™ directly from Swapdesk for a limited time while we carefully control the amount in circulation.

Stay tuned for updates! We'll continue to improve the ways members can earn StayCredits™.
Why host for StayCredits™ instead of hosting on Airbnb?
Hosting on Swapdesk instead of Airbnb is the obvious choice for a number of reasons.

For starters, Swapdesk doesn't impose Airbnb's 18% service fee each time you host.

Airbnb hosts receive money which is taxable income. Hosts on Swapdesk earn StayCredits™ which can be used to stay at a members home on their next trip. StayCredits™ grant the flexibility to travel anywhere, for longer, offering the best value for anyone who loves to travel for less.
Swapdesk is a community of verified professionals who want ways to travel and maximize their savings together. Airbnb is a massive marketplace filled with randoms and corporation-backed rentals only interested in profit.
Will my StayCredits™ ever expire?
No, StayCredits™ have no expiry date.