How does a swap work?
A direct swap (sometimes referred to as a home swap or a home exchange) involves two parties agreeing to exchange their homes for a specified period.

Both parties look for a suitable match based on location, dates, and preferences. Once both sides agree on the terms, they can proceed with the exchange.
Can I use Swapdesk without directly swapping homes?
Absolutely, Swapdesk offers flexible and affordable options for work-ready accommodations to our members without the necessity of a direct home swap.

You can embark on exciting journeys using our Points system, allowing you to travel without a direct home exchange (more on this below).

Additionally, if you're an animal lover, you can provide pet sitting services while homeowners are away, giving you the chance to explore new places while taking care of a member’s furry companions.
What are StayCredits™ and how do they work?
To learn more about StayCredits™ - Click here!
How do reviews work?
After using Swapdesk, both parties have 12 days to submit a review about their experience. Swapdesk’s review system ensures transparency within the community and helps to keep the platform running smoothly for everyone to enjoy.

It primarily focuses on 1) Details that highlight the great things a place has the offer, 2) Actionable (private) feedback for members to make improvements and 3) Additional feedback that helps Swapdesk maintain quality on the network.
What happens if something is damaged or stolen?
Swapdesk prioritizes safeguarding our members through a comprehensive protection framework upon request.

For minor damages valued under $500, our system offers a swift and uncomplicated process. If such incidents occur, you can submit your claims within a week, and our dedicated team ensures that they are resolved promptly within the subsequent week. We pride ourselves on a hassle-free approach to these cases.

For more substantial damages, we extend an advanced level of property and belonging protection. This coverage provides a safety net for our members, offering up to $150,000 in belonging protection and up to $5 million for property damage. This coverage underscores our dedication to fostering a secure and reliable home exchange community for our members.
How does cleaning work?
Whenever a member stays in another member’s home, they are prompted to cover the cleaning costs both before and after their trip. This approach not only helps maintain the quality of each exchange but also promotes a sense of responsibility and consideration within our community.

To streamline this process, Swapdesk can facilitate the booking of a professional cleaner to take care of these tasks (upon request).

The cost for cleaning services typically ranges from $60 to $200, with variations depending on factors such as the city's location, the size of the home and the condition.
What if someone cancels after flights have been booked?
If your exchange partner cancels after you've booked your flight, which is a possibility in home exchanges, it's best to maintain an open dialogue with them and consider having a backup plan. It's recommended to buy cancellation protection from your airline or transport provider during booking.

In the event of a last-minute cancellation, the Swapdesk team will make efforts to assist our members find an alternative accommodation. However, we cannot guarantee the provision of alternative accommodations in the event of a cancellation.
How does customer support work during a trip?
During your trip, our customer support at Swapdesk is available via email during work hours to provide assistance. We are committed to resolving any issues to the best of our ability, ensuring you have a seamless experience.

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. In the near future, we plan to introduce a dedicated hotline for immediate assistance, staffed by real people who are here to address your concerns.
What is my obligation if my suggested dates are accepted?
Sending a swap suggestion that is accepted by another member doesn't obligate you to complete the swap, but it's considered proper Swapdesk etiquette to honour your commitment.

However, unexpected situations can arise, so maintaining clear communication with other members is crucial. We always recommend reaching out to your host or fellow swapper before you book your travel, and we’ve found video calls work best.
Can I use Swapdesk for my holiday/vacation instead of work trips?
You have no obligation to use Swapdesk for work purposes. While we promote and encourage the idea of work & travel, many of our members use Swapdesk for personal trips.
“We had no issues during our stay, our host even leant us their bikes. We really felt like locals in Copenhagen. Can't recommend this enough!”


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