Swapdesk Launches StayCredits™

StayCredits are a community based currency that make travelling on Swapdesk easier than ever!

Introducing StayCredits™ - The Exclusive Currency for Seamless Travel on Swapdesk

Swapdesk, the leading community based home exchange platform for professionals, is thrilled to announce the launch of StayCredits™, a revolutionary new currency that simplifies the way you book affordable accommodations without the need for direct home swaps.

StayCredits™ - Simplifying Your Travel ExperienceWith StayCredits™, your travel experience has never been easier or more rewarding. Here's how it works:

  1. Value Standardization: At Swapdesk, every member's home is valued at a consistent rate of 10 StayCredits™ per night. This means you can easily calculate your accommodation costs without the hassle of price comparisons. For example, a 7-night stay at Rebecca's home in New York City will cost you 70 StayCredits™.
  2. Earn StayCredits™: Hosting a fellow member at your home earns you 10 StayCredits™ per night. For instance, when Joe is out of town, he hosts a member at his home and earns 10 StayCredits™ for each night.
  3. Spend StayCredits™: When it's time to book your next trip, you can use the StayCredits™ you've earned instead of paying for accommodations. This provides you with a transparent, affordable option for travel stays.

Why StayCredits™ and Swapdesk?

StayCredits™ and Swapdesk provide a unique and valuable travel experience for our members.

  • Community Focus: Swapdesk is a community, not just a marketplace. We value fairness and equity in travel, which is why all homes are valued at 10 StayCredits™ per night.
  • Earn More StayCredits™: The best way to earn StayCredits™ is by hosting fellow members at your home. Additionally, we reward members for completing achievements, such as finishing their profile, publishing their listing, and referring friends.
  • Direct Purchase Option: Starting in October 2023, members will have the opportunity to purchase StayCredits™ directly from Swapdesk for a limited time, allowing for greater flexibility in planning your trips.
  • No Expiry: StayCredits™ have no expiry date, giving you peace of mind and flexibility in planning your travels.
  • No Service Fees: Unlike other platforms, Swapdesk does not impose service fees, allowing you to maximize your savings and enjoy the best value for your travels.
  • Seamless Experience: In the fall of 2023, Swapdesk will arrange for cleaning services, with guests covering the cleaning costs, ensuring a hassle-free and seamless experience for all.

For more information, visit our FAQ section or stay tuned for updates as we continue to improve the ways our members can earn and use StayCredits™.